The Mission of the Nonprofit Domain

Unite KC’s Nonprofit Domain exists to address barriers that impede efforts at racial justice within the nonprofit sector and to help facilitate genuine reconciliation within the communities where we serve.

If you would like to join us in our mission, please read the Covenant of Racial Reconciliation below and get started by choosing to do One Good Thing from our list of suggested actions. For more resources and information on upcoming Nonprofit Domain meetings, email us at Together, let’s unite Kansas City!


Covenant of Racial Reconciliation for the Nonprofit Domain

Addressing the barriers that impede efforts at racial justice and genuine reconciliation requires that we begin by examining and improving our own organizations. We acknowledge and lament the following shortcomings in the nonprofit domain, and embrace the corresponding remedies as we pursue racial justice and reconciliation in the nonprofit sector.

Whereas, many nonprofits are predominantly governed by white leaders who in turn recruit new white members, without intentional efforts to change this reality. With a lack of diversity in leadership, our organizations may unintentionally create inequities, perpetuate unhealthy power dynamics, miss out on diverse perspectives, do harm by implementing paternalistic approaches, and resist engaging in justice issues that are relevant to the communities we serve.

Whereas, our organizations sometime design strategies that foster an “us/them mentality in which a privileged us serves a needy them with an “outside in” approach often expressed with white volunteers serving minority recipients. While helpful for reconciliation, this can unintentionally exclude minorities serving minorities and fail to honor the gifts, contributions, and dignity of minority community members. That “outside in” approach can be a barrier to developing a “new we” where all backgrounds are valued and equal.

Whereas, funders are often disconnected from the realities of those they want to serve because of different experiences, cultures, socioeconomic status, perspectives, and political ideologies. This gap can force nonprofits to try and strike a balance between donors’ interests and the threat of losing funding with discussing racial justice for their beneficiaries. Funding is crucial but with certain strings attached, funding can actually become a barrier to working towards racial justice.

Now therefore, by my signature, I commit to labor for substantive change that will bring healing, peace, true community, and justice for all who call Kansas City home by:

  • Endeavoring to pursue diversity in leadership through minority recruiting and mentorship programs at the staff, board and donor levels and training programs on issues of race and racial justice.
  • Employing inside-out approaches, focusing on involving volunteers from the communities we serve by setting goals/objectives for diverse volunteers, leaders and their development and instituting community input/involvement for programming.
  • Connecting donors to the work by educating them on systemic issues and injustices facing our communities and creating opportunities for them to engage with community members and their stories.

As a nonprofit leader, I join with my peers in a commitment to engage these barriers and solutions in the organization I serve, with the goal of pursuing racial justice and reconciliation in my organization and in Kansas City.

Sign the Covenant


Pick One Good Thing & Get Started!

Join the Unite KC Nonprofit Domain Leadership Team

  • Establish working relationship with Unite KC domain leaders.
  • Propose 3 programs where assistance is needed to support a particular Unite KC domain.
  • Propose an internal structure where a team of volunteers and paid staff would be assigned to a Domain to do the following:
    • Vet Nonprofit partners.
    • Do the ongoing vetting to ensure that partners remain “viable.”

Endeavor to Pursue Diversity in Leadership

  • Incorporate the action statements of this covenant in your organization.
  • Partner with a mentorship program or organization to prepare qualified candidates to step into these roles.
  • Help other domains to identify and craft a leadership pipeline within the domains.
  • Establish metrics:
    • Increase % of leadership staff that are people of color.
    • Increase % of board members that are people of color.
    • Increase % leadership that has participated in racial equality training in last 12 months.

Employ Inside-Out Approaches

  • Create a board position for a beneficiary from the community.
  • Create peer-to-peer beneficiary mentoring program (see above).
  • Establish metrics:
    • Increase % of volunteers from within communities we serve.

Connect Donors to the Work

  • Establish a matching program, pairing a donor with a beneficiary for a day.
  • Create a cultural awareness training module for “onboarding” package for all donors.


Establish Your Online Presence to Increase the Reach of Your Organization

Centriq Training

  • Participate in Centriq Training’s quarterly Hackathon event, the Full Stack Hack, to establish your online presence. The Full Stack Hack gives back to the community by pairing Centriq Full Stack Developer students with non-profits to build the organization a website for free.
  • Establishing your online presence will allow you to better promote your organization’s mission, increase volunteer engagement, and drive positive change within the community.
  • Contact: Alex Carnahan


Meet the Voices behind this Domain

Porsche Seals - Domain Leader

Adrienne Runnebaum

Nonprofit/Education Professional

Clara Sainte

Connie Hougland

Jimmy Dodd - Unite KC Board Member

Founder and CEO, PastorServe

Marvin Daniels

CEO, Hope Center

Porsche Seals

Executive Director, Caring for Kids

Ryan Hudnall

CEO, Della Lamb Center