Meet us at the Kauffman Center this February! Unite KC is gathering once again to be inspired by this powerful depiction of everyday heroes working together for Good.

Celebrate the 16th Anniversary of presenting the Underground Railroad story in Kansas City – come see Störling Dance Theater’s UNDERGROUND! Whether you’re celebrating Black History Month, American history or the story that binds us all together, see the show that has become a Kansas City tradition.

“A Beloved Community”

Born out of the conviction to fight evil with good, UNITE KC focuses on taking action that prompts heart transformation, builds community and, ultimately, leads to racial healing.

The journey starts with one step. One volunteer. One project. One article read. One hour of service given. One Good Thing.

One Good Thing

Our approach is simple; identify organizations to work and connect with Kansas City companies and citizens who want to make a difference. Together, we can identify needs and do One Good Thing.

Many Voices, One Message

Citizens Like You come from every Ecosphere and Vertical Market represented in Kansas City.  Together we can Unite KC.

We are Better Together

Forming new relationships is central to the work of this movement. Unite KC encourages activities that promote all races coming together, such as inviting a neighbor or coworker out for coffee.  Relationships lead to understanding and harmony.

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