Sign the Covenant of Reconciliation

Whereas all people have inherent, God-given worth as they are created in the image of God and are deserving of being treated with dignity, respect, and honor.

Whereas restrictive real estate covenants were crafted by JC Nichols starting in the early 20th Century to limit Blacks and minorities access to prosperity, relationships and embed prejudice into the fabric of the Greater Kansas City community.

Whereas this new Covenant of Reconciliation is crafted to work towards abolishing those attitudes and practices. Centuries of racial injustice cannot be repaired overnight. Confronting injustice takes courageous Kansas Citizens, standing shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand to effectively confront evil remaining before us.

Now, therefore, by my signature, I commit to working through my spheres of influence and resources to:

  • Love fellow Kansas Citizens and engage with those of a different race from me by listening, showing respect, and practicing humility, patience, and kindness.
  • Practice hospitality whether in my neighborhood, at work, church, community organization, and in Greater Kansas City to make all people feel welcome, appreciated, and safe. Courageously seek to replace barriers with open doors, building a city of hope and peace for all.
  • Seek to confront and uproot attitudes and practices that degrade and humiliate any person. I will confront prejudice and intimidation when I see it and seek to correct it.
  • Live a life reflecting justice by standing for those who cannot stand for themselves, speaking for those with no voice, caring for those unable to care for themselves, and advocating for those with less social power and financial means.
  • Commit to condemn violence or any force which seeks to divide rather than unify and reconcile our city and country.
  • Engage more actively with my community and law enforcement to build safe neighborhoods, just practices, and humane interaction.
  • Learn about cultures different from my own. I will enter new relationships with those of differing races with an underlying commitment to hearing their story.
  • Pray for peace in Kansas City. Pray for the leaders of this city; Mayor, City Council, legislatures, Police, Firefighters, and First Responders who serve and daily put themselves in harm's way for the greater good.'

I commit to this Convenant of Reconciliation for the sake of my life, my family, my friends, and the Greater Kansas City community. When this journey becomes difficult, I commit to enduring through challenging and painful days.

Your name and email address will be collected and added to a list to contact when new opportunities to serve arise in this domain.