Our Purpose is Clear

Build Partnerships in our Community

Unite KC’s mission is to impact minority communities through partnerships with other organizations throughout Kansas City. We unite people across racial lines through communication and education..

Create Opportunities for Growth

We create events, volunteer opportunities, and ways for people to communicate and educate themselves on our shared history.

Promote Understanding

Every gathering promotes understanding and centers on creating community through heart transformation.

Your donation helps to fund organizations doing “One Good Thing” and it sponsors volunteer opportunities and major events throughout the year such as The Underground, The Walk for Unity, Second Saturday, and more.

Unite KC continues to make a profound impact in the community through its partnerships with organizations like the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office which sponsored an expungement fair in November of 2022. Over 80 people had their records expunged and embarked on a new lease on life with newfound employment opportunities and freedoms.

Customer Testimonials

Here are some endorsements from key leaders in our community.

"One conversation at a time, Unite KC is breaking down walls, helping us all have a greater understanding of each other. They’re enabling people to put words into action, unifying our city. Unite KC is truly making a difference in Kansas City!"

Tracy Hale

Executive Director, Youth Volunteer Corps

"Unite KC is unifying our next generation of diverse leaders in Kansas City. This rising tide initiative sets up balanced conversations for the future of our city."

Katy Jennings

Director of Business Strategy, Walz Tetrick Advertising

"While many of the organizations and movements in our culture today who are talking about racial issues feel angry and divisive, Unite KC is making a difference through understanding, love, and kindness. While others may shout at each other, Unite KC is facilitating conversations, relationships, and even friendships with people different from ourselves. Unite KC and Ray Jarrett is playing a critical role in bringing KC together."

Rick Boxx

Rick Boxx Founder and CEO, Unconventional Business Network

"Unite KC has created simple ways for me to connect with followers of Jesus who have different experiences and realities. Hearing their stories has helped me to see that God is greater than my limited viewpoint and helped me to grow spiritually. Unite KC is helping the Church in Kansas City tell a different story, a story of love, hope, and understanding."

Nate Powell

Lead Pastor, Hillcrest Covenant Church

"UniteKC is truly a Godsend to our city. Under the leadership of Ray Jarrett this organization is providing solutions that are truly lasting and transformational – and that is what we so desperately need. We are 100% behind them and fully engaged in joining them in their mission and vision. Let’s do this!"

Randy Frazee

Randy Frazee, Lead Pastor of Westside Family Church

Key Donors

We would like to thank our key donors and monthly givers (listed below) for their support of Unite KC.

Dayton & Marianne Moore

John Buckner

J.R. Buckner

Joe & Jean Brandmeyer

Anne Peterson

Jimmy Dodd

Route 66 RV Network

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The Culture House

Westside Family Church

Macedonia Baptist Church