The Mission of the Arts & Culture Domain

The Arts and Culture Domain’s mission is to surface distorted and destructive ideas and patterns about art and culture that inhibit the black community from participating and being acknowledged fully and to replace them with God’s truth and hopeful solutions.

If you would like to join us in our mission, please read the Covenant of Racial Reconciliation below and get started by choosing to do One Good Thing from our list of suggested actions. For more resources and information on upcoming Arts & Culture Domain meetings, email us at . Together, let’s unite Kansas City!

Arts & Culture

Covenant of Racial Reconciliation for the Arts & Culture Domain

Whereas organizations, schools, and neighborhoods that serve Black, Brown & under-served Youth disproportionately lack financial resources for arts education, and so these youth have limited access to performance and artistic educational opportunities.

Whereas the black community has been one of the major artistic, cultural influences in American life, but as a people have been stereotyped, had their success marginalized as a sub-category instead of being acknowledged as shapers of what defines American culture.

Now, therefore, by my signature, I commit to:

Working to heal this division and move both toward a common goal of creating a more just and humane society.

Standing for business and creative decisions that do not restrict what black artists can do. Rather, they provide an open field of possibilities as members of the human family.

Leading by example and stance, stand for the arts and entertainment industry being a prosperous endeavor for any person of any color who brings success through their work.

Creating connections between local artists and performing companies and the directors and youth coordinators in the underserved parts of our city

Creating a movement to increase arts education in relevant schools so that those in the black community are empowered to thrive in the very skills that have enriched our community and country.

I commit to this Covenant of Reconciliation for the sake of my life, my organization, my fellow employees, and the Greater Kansas City community and to take a practical step in the Suggested Actions to make it real. When this journey becomes difficult, I commit to endure through challenging days.

Sign the Covenant

Arts & Culture

Pick One Good Thing & Get Started!

Education and Personal Transformation


Create a map of the Kansas City Metropolitan area that shows arts education “deserts” where more resources and activities are needed.

Consider partnering with community organizations that serve those “desert” areas and create an oasis of learning.

Gather best practices and contemporary approaches to casting, categorizing, and promoting performing and fine art, artists, and programs.

Best Practices

Propose new approaches to casting, categorizing, and promoting that provides the most opportunities for the art and artist while appreciating and respecting the multitude of influences and cultures involved in the American experiment.

Encourage a culture of mentorship and internships in local arts organizations of every size.

Curated Opportunities

Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts

30 successful years of building character, relationships, and the KCK community through arts education.

Providence School of the Arts

In 2012, Providence School of Arts launched with the aim to bring the visual & performing arts to the urban core and provide a quality, affordable private school as an alternative education option. Since then we have offered annual summer arts camps to the community, started an elementary school, and launched a variety of arts enrichment opportunities.

Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors do what we can’t do on our own. They connect us with people we don’t know. They put our message before an audience we don’t have. They create a sense of movement much greater than any single one of us. They play liaison between us and the surrounding community. They represent a message of opportunity and restoration to people who need to hear it and say, “Come, join the narrative!”

Some things Ambassadors do:

Engage in online content

Connect us with your church

Host a lunch and learn

Liaison with your community

Be our hands and feet

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Arts & Culture

Meet the Voices behind this Domain

Jeremiah Enna – Domain Leader, Board Member

Founder and CEO, The Culture House

Matt Appling

Art Teacher, Author, Whitefield Academy

Isaac Cates

Kevin Cloud

Director of Special Projects, The Culture House

Leighann Dull

Art Director, The Four Chapter Gallery

Stacy Evans

Lorna Jarrett

Executive Director, Brain Peace Organizational Coaching and Consulting

Judi Jones

Director, Kansas Academy of the Theatrical Arts

Chelsea Turner

Arts & Culture