The Hidden Years

Did You Know About the Tulsa Massacre?

In the past two years, many Americans were made aware of the Tulsa Massacre for the first time. The first thing most people experience is shock - its hard for anyone to imagine that something like this could happen - that there were individuals who possessed the internal evil to execute this barbaric act.

The second thought most everyone has is, "Why didn't I know about this? It happened  in America, why wasn't it taught in American History?"

Tom Hanks is a noted historian and loved to read about American History.  He was shocked and outraged to find out about the gaps in our K-12 educational system. (See his interview here: )

The Oklahoman ( a newspaper in Oklahoma City) surveyed 305 people, nearly all of them Oklahomans, and found 83% said they never received a full lesson on the Tulsa Race Massacre or Black Wall Street in their K-12 school. Americans in other cities never had a chance.

These are not the only stories missing - our educational curriculums lack information on post-reconstruction events, the Jim Crow era, lynchings, the KKK, and the Civil Rights Era.

Educators who support Unite KC are asking questions about these omissions and hope to make a difference by offering a complete narrative of our shared history.

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