Upcoming Events

Unite KC is excited to host a citywide Walk for Unity on July 17th! We are all too aware of the racial division in our community, further exacerbated by the history of the segregation of Troost Ave. Racially restrictive housing covenants effectively relegated Black Americans to the East side of Troost and White Americans stayed on the West. Those covenants were made illegal decades ago, but the divisive effects remain with us.

NOW IS THE TIME to write a new chapter in the story of Kansas City’s journey toward racial healing. Unite KC is a grassroots movement committed to taking action. And we want YOU to join us. Do “One Good Thing” and take the first step, or hundred, with us on July 17th as we make the choice to come together and walk in a statement of unity for our city. 

We will meet on the field at Troost Ave. and E. Truman Rd., arriving between 9 – 9:30 AM. As we line opposite sides of the field, reenacting the segregation embedded in the development of Kansas City, we will take a moment to experience the reality of what was and make the decision to come together, stepping into the reality of what could be. 

Together, we will walk down Troost and make our way to Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy where we’ll hear from Unite KC Executive Director, Ray Jarrett, and a special guest speaker about Unite KC’s vision for a united Kansas City and the role we all have to play. It will also be a great opportunity to meet new friends, learn more about Unite KC and plan to do the next “One Good Thing” to keep moving toward racial healing in our city. 

Mark your calendars, invite your family and friends, and let us know you’re coming! Everyone is invited! We can’t wait to walk side-by-side with YOU!

Stay tuned to our Facebook event page for the most up-to-date information!

The Details:
Saturday, July 17; 9:30 AM – 12 N
(arrive 9:00 – 9:30 AM)
Troost Ave & E. Truman Rd.
(parking is available at 1601 Forest Ave.)

Healthy Communities Start with Healthy Relationships

Starting Summer 2021

Through collaboration with nationally recognized relationship and marriage experts, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, Unite KC’s Church Domain is excited to offer Fit to Fight for the Family to Kansas City!

This initiative provides unique relationship assessments, small group discussion curriculum and weekend teaching tools to churches and individuals, ages 16 and up. You don’t have to married to benefit from this initiative!

Macedonia Baptist and Westside Family Churches are partnering to bring the intiative to their congregations this summer.

The deepening relationship between Macedonia Baptist (KCMO) and Westside Family (Lenexa, KS) is a perfect example of crossing lines to build relationships with people of a different color, zip code or life experience. The two churches regularly come together to do “One Good Thing”. In the process, they have developed a culture of coming together to “do life”.

Visit Fit to Fight for the Family to learn more about the initiative with its relationship assessments and other resources. Better yet, cross city lines and take the initiative with a partner church! Together, we can strengthen families and build a healthier community!

Past Events

Unite KC Virtual Early Adopter Introduction

November 18, 2020

Learn from the leadership team about the founding of Unite KC and the vision for a united Kansas City in this Virtual Early Adopter Introduction. The event may be over, but YOU are still invited to Join the Movement and Unite KC!