Do One Good Thing

  • Unite KC envisions a Kansas City where everyone is flourishing as understood specifically through the lens of closing the education and wealth gaps.
  • We believe true societal change starts with a transformation of the heart and that personal transformation begins with one small step.

Take a look at the next steps listed below for suggestions, or click on a link for actions items specific to your industry of expertise or interest. Anyone can start by doing One Good Thing.


  • Relational – Get to know someone with a different background. This act is central to the work of this movement.
          • Host dinner (or a series of dinners) in your home with a family of a different ethnicity and/or culture.
          • Download the “Go Underground Discussion Guide” and form or join a guided small group study to explore issues of race and unity.
          • Embrace opportunities for children to play and interact with children of a different ethnicity and/or culture.
          • Take a Sunday morning to attend a local church of a predominately different ethinicity or cultural expression.
          • Mentor a young student in an underserved school or neighborhood.
          • Spend time volunteering with a local nonprofit.
  • Download your FREE Go Underground Discussion Guide here!
    • Educational – Dive deeper into the history of racism and its and effects racism in Kansas City and the United States.
            • Download the VoiceMap app and take the “Dividing Lines” tour to learn more about the history of racism in Kansas City.
            • Research the history of Loose Park.
            • Read about The Battle of Westport and Nichols Restrictive Covenants and compare how they are so radically juxtaposed.
            • Annually attend a performance of Underground at the Kauffman Center.
            • Plan a trip to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN or Freedom Hall and The King Center in Atlanta GA.
            • Find and read materials about United States history that include topics on:
              • The history of the Gospel driving the Abolition Movement before the USA was founded
              • The Three-Fifths Compromise
              • Juneteenth
              • Jim Crow laws / Segregation
              • Tulsa / Greenwood – Black Wall Street race massacre in 1921
              • Desegregation 1954 (Brown vs. Topeka BOE)
              • Murder of Emmett Till in 1955
              • Redlining
              • 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing in 1963
              • Civil Rights Act of 1964
              • Voting Rights Act 1965
              • Memphis Sanitation Strike in 1968
            • Read a book:
              • Oneness Embraced: Reconciliation, The Kingdom and How We are Stronger Together by Tony Evans
              • Articles of Race and Racism by Tim Keller
              • The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby and watch the companion The Color of Compromise on Amazon Prime.
              • Dear White Christian – What Every White Christian Needs to Know About How Black Christians See, Think and Experience Racism in America by Aaron Layton
              • White Awake: An Honest Look at What it Means to be White by Daniel Hill
  • Financial – Financially support efforts to unite Kansas City and to help provide equal opportunities for all.
          • Contribute to organizations and ministries that fight racial inequality.
          • Make a conscious effort to shop at Black owned businesses in your community.
          • Financially support Underground, an annual presentation of the Underground Railroad at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.
          • Commit to purchasing educational supplies for schools that incorporate Black history and characters.
          • Purchase Black history flashcards, children’s books featuring Black children, Black puppets, etc.
          • Contribute to the college fund of a Black teenager.
          • Support Equal Justice Initiative (led by Bryan Stevenson) as they seek to exonerate innocent Black men and women facing execution on death row.
          • Support the ongoing work of Unite KC.
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Meet the Voices behind UNITE KC


Unite KC Board of Directors

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