Communications Domain

The Mission of the Communications Domain

Kansas City communications and media practitioners will unite for societal transformation, striving to abolish attitudes, portrayals and practices that have blocked access of Black Americans to opportunity and embedded prejudice into the fabric of the Greater Kansas City community. 

If you would like to join us in our mission, please read the Covenant of Racial Reconciliation below and get started by choosing to do One Good Thing from our list of suggested actions. For more resources and information on upcoming Communications Domain meetings, email us at Together, let’s unite Kansas City!

    Covenant of Racial Reconciliation for the Communications Domain

    Whereas, media of all types have collectively offered a misrepresentation of the lives and reality of Black Americans, which in turn, have negatively affected the public’s understandings and attitudes toward the Black community

    Whereas, consumers of mainstream media receive overwhelmingly more information about individual Black Americans than about the broader forces that shape their experience

    Whereas, communications and media disciplines have the inherent potential to further the open and civil exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough and to tell of stories reflecting the diversity of human experiences

    Now therefore, by my signature, I commit to

    Stimulating outlets for healthy dialogue, interaction and relationships between Black and White people in Kansas City.

    Serving as a conduit of reliable information for the Black experience and perspective, telling stories of the Black community with fairness and accurate representation.

    Creating more opportunities for Black students studying communications and/or media and for Black professionals with a career in the communications and media industries.  

    Offering my communication talents and experience to support the work of Unite KC.


    I commit to this Covenant of Reconciliation for the sake of the Greater Kansas City community to take a practical step in the Suggested Actions to make it real.  When this journey becomes difficult, I commit to endure through challenging days.

    Your name and email address will be collected and added to a list to contact when new opportunities arise to serve in this domain.
    Pick One Good Thing and Get Started!

    Suggested Actions

    Stimulating outlets for healthy dialogue, interaction and relationships

    • Engage in substantive conversations: Ask questions, listen and learn without making assumptions or superimposing your own experiences. Also be willing to share your own experiences with vulnerability.
    • Cover, promote or facilitate collaborative events and initiatives in Kansas City or elsewhere nationally
    • Create opportunities for safe sharing of experience among blacks and whites at your office, church or home. The Go Underground Discussion Guide is a great resource to start with
    • Establish a lunch hour panel discussion at your workplace featuring black employees or community representatives sharing their experiences
    • Consciously establish relationships with neighbors and work colleagues of a different ethnicity; Get to know one another; share your experiences
    • Start a book club made up of White and Black members and read books to stimulate discussion about racial relations in America
    • Attend a Unite KC event and share your experience and perspective


    Serving as a conduit of reliable information for the Black experience and perspective

    • Read The Kansas City Star series “The truth in Black and white: An apology from The Kansas City Star” (Dec. 20, 2020)
    • If you find journalism coverage that is inaccurate or unfair, provide the correct information or share the untold side of the story
    • Communicate with consumers how past media coverage has negatively impacted perspectives of the Black experience
    • Create opportunities for coverage of positive, honest relationships/dialogue between Blacks and Whites
    • Co-write a blog or co-create a video with a person of another ethnicity, describing your experiences


    Creating more opportunities for Black students and communications/media professionals

    • Provide summer internships for Black communications students at your place of business
    • Lead or facilitate an INROADS or INROADS College Links training session
    • Create a formal mentorship program where you work to pair communications leaders with new, young communication hires
    • Participate in recruiting programs for Black communications students
    • Offer to speak about your communications profession to black high school students
    • Work with media consultants and senior management to answer the question, “How can we work to create upper management career paths for non-white media personnel?


    Offering my communications talents and experience

    • Attend a Communications Domain Meeting
    • Write a blog article or create a video for Unite KC
    • Share your story with the Communications Domain
    • Help promote and market Unite KC events
    • Donate advertising/marketing vehicles to Unite KC projects
    • Create a bibliography of materials and resources for Unite KC’s website
    Meet the Voices behind this Domain

    Communications Domain Voices

    Al Wallace

    Reporter, Fox 4 Sports

    Anne Peterson

    Founder, Anne Peterson Productions; Former News Anchor/Reporter, KCTV5

    Jeannette Duwe

    Design + Communication, Westside Family Church

    Kerri Voyles

    Founder and Chief Brand Cultivator, Flourish

    Mark Honer

    Executive Producer, DHTV Digital

    Maureen Rank


    Meg Townsend

    Former Communications Strategist and Executive Speechwriter

    Mike Farag

    President, Fervor Marketing

    Paul Scianna

    Chair, Greater Kansas City Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast

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