Communications Domain

The Mission of the Communications Domain

Kansas City area Communications leaders will unite for societal transformation, striving to abolish attitudes and practices that have blocked minorities access to opportunity and embedded prejudice into the fabric of the Greater Kansas City community.  We will stand shoulder to shoulder, transforming this racial legacy remaining before us, one step at a time.

If you would like to join us in our mission, please read the Covenant of Racial Reconciliation below and get started by choosing to do One Good Thing from our list of suggested actions. For more resources and information on upcoming Communications Domain meetings, email us at Together, let’s unite Kansas City!

    Covenant of Racial Reconciliation for the Communications Domain

    Whereas as members of the Communications community, as US citizens, and as Greater Kansas City residents – we mourn the current state of race relations. We lament we haven’t led our community in its responsibility in racial issues. The fruits of our present grew from the roots of our past and these realities cannot be ignored nor dismissed. Yet neither should they stop us from moving to higher ground.

    Whereas the Communications and Media community has at times participated in the disproportional portrayal of people of color.

    Whereas the Communications and Media community has failed to recognize and mentor people of color and give them equal opportunities at a more senior level of the business. The time has now come to lead with humility, celebrate the great diversity of talent in our community, and create opportunity within the Kansas City Communications Domain for all to succeed.

    Now, therefore, by my signature, I commit to:

    • Unify the Communications/Media domains where they operate as a community in a covenant, with each organization/employee using their resources and skills to drive transformational change.  We all come as equals, with unique talents to contribute and believe that we are better together.
    • Labor for substantive change that will bring healing, peace, true community, and justice for all who call Kansas City home. I will do this by initiating forums and referendums and helping to drive change in the Communications domain. I will look for opportunities to mentor deserving candidates and sponsor them through the system.
    • Develop friendships and partnerships with other domain leaders and members of the media community to recognize our nation’s founding principle that all people are created equal and should be treated fairly and with respect. I will learn from people outside of my culture in order to strengthen the Communications / Media community. These friendships are critical regardless of possible organizational competition.  I will not use UNITE KC to promote a personal agenda or profit from this process.
    • Implement education on race, and our countries’ history of race relations, as a positive step in my organization.
    • Work hand-in-hand with to bring substantive change by advocating for a more balanced view of issues and news reporting in all aspects of media; namely radio and TV.

    I commit to this Covenant of Reconciliation for the sake of my life, my organization, my fellow employees, and the Greater Kansas City community and to take a practical step in the Suggested Actions to make it real.  When this journey becomes difficult, I commit to endure through challenging days.

    Your name and email address will be collected and added to a list to contact when new opportunities arise to serve in this domain.
    Pick One Good Thing and Get Started!

    Suggested Actions

       Develop Friendships and Partnerships

      • Intentional Cross-cultural Association Gatherings between radio, TV, and sportscasters.
      • Existing associations should be examined and considerations should be given to occasional joint meetings.

      Labor for substantive change

      • Create positive media events and coverage with schools to provide supplies, resources, and volunteers.
      • Cover collaborative events and initiatives in Kansas City or elsewhere nationally.
      • Create Joint mission ventures globally
      • Examples are KCPT programming that hosts town hall meetings with domain leaders, board leaders, and partnering programming organizations.


      • Commitment to reading and studying matters of race and justice
      • Creating a bibliography of helpful materials
      • Host facilitated events showing videos. Continually developing video and press release content for other domains and content posted on the web.
      • Promoting events like “The Underground” and encouraging media personalities to use such opportunities to proactively bridge the racial divide
      • Working with media consultants and senior management to answer the question, “How can we work to create upper management career paths for non-white media personnel?
      • Encouraging more non-white students to pursue a degree in media communications at local colleges here in the area.
    Meet the Voices behind this Domain

     Communications Domain Voices

    Al Wallace

    Reporter, Fox 4 Sports

    Anne Peterson

    Founder, Anne Peterson Productions; Former News Anchor/Reporter, KCTV5

    Jeannette Duwe

    Design + Communication, Westside Family Church

    Kerry Voyles

    Mark Honer

    Executive Producer, DHTV Digital

    Maureen Rank



    Meg Townsend

    Mike Farag

    President, Fervor Marketing

    Paul Scianna