It Began with a Text

On June 5th, 2020 Dayton Moore, GM of the Kansas City Royals, seized on a cultural moment and sent the following text: “What’s happening in our country is wrong and we need to come together. I don’t know what it looks like or how we do it, but I’m ready.” And, with that brief statement of conviction, Unite KC was born.

Our Approach

What does coming together look like?

We believe that human beings working together for the common good, treating every person with dignity, and honoring each other’s God-given uniqueness is the only true path to racial reconciliation. Our focus should not be black vs white or human vs human, but, rather, good vs evil and loving our neighbors as ourselves. This requires meaningful interactions. Taking actions together for our, community, and working toward a common purpose. These activities alone are Good, but more importantly, they put us on that path to transforming hearts, the path required to drive this societal change.

Our Strategy

How can we create those practical actions to connect people to work together and transform hearts?

Simply put, we will:

  • Identify organizations, businesses, Nonprofits, churches, and government entities that are currently serving minority communities and work with them to create a list of actionable needs in those communities.
  • Recruit Kansas City companies and citizens who agree there must be a better way to address this issue.
  • Connect all those people, companies and organizations, so together, they can do One Good Thing.
Dayton Moore speaking at podium